Dr Kathryn VanKoevering was born wanting to
be a veterinarian.

She received a B.S. in Science from Hope
College, a M.S. in Science from University of
Michigan, Department of Zoology, and a D.V.M.
from Michigan State University College of
Veterinary Medicine to achieve this goal.

After working as an associate veterinarian for
11 years at the Animal Medical Center of
Saline, a small animal clinic,  she started her
own practice to go "mobile" and bring
veterinary service to clients homes.

Dr VanKoevering has two sons, one husband,
two dogs, and quite a few cats.  
Who we are
Dr VanKoevering feels fortunate to
have such excellent support from
veterinary assistants Laurie, Chris
and Lisa.
Sometimes our job involves heavy lifting !
Sometimes our patients are quite small !
We work cooperatively with other local veterinarians
to provide the best coverage for your dog or cat.